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This react_native application was built with Crowdbotics

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Crowdbotics React Native scaffold

After cloning this repo, you will need to install the dependencies:

cd ProjectName

yarn install

Then, you need to install the Podfile:

cd ios

pod install

Installing all dependencies in for development

Please follow this guide and install the correct dependencies for your current OS and the OS that you want to build (iOS or Android)


Google config

There is two files that you need to edit to make work the push notifications, google sign up and other Google Services:

  1. ios/GoogleService-Info.plist
  2. android/app/google-services.json

You need to create a project in firebase console and update all the credentials on both files (current files have invalid credentials)

Also, you will need to modify your URL types in Info, follow this instructions:

Finally, you will need to add GoogleService-Info.plist (file reference) to your iOS project via xcode.

  1. Open oromic_16548.xcodeprojin xcode.
  2. Go to main target > Build Phases > Copy Bundle resources
  3. Tap un add button
  4. Search the GoogleService-Info.plistinside ios folder.
  5. Make sure you can see GoogleService-Info.plist inside in xcode. Like this:

Expected project config

Running with React Native CLI

Running android simulator

  1. Activate android emulator following this instructions
  2. react-native run-android from project home folder

Running iOS simulator

  1. Go to ios folder and run pod install (if you don't have pod installed, follow this instructions )
  2. Run react-native run-ios from project home folder.

If you find any compiling problems, try to clean your cache. From the home app folder run:

cd node_modules/react-native/scripts && ./ && cd ../../../


cd node_modules/react-native/third-party/glog-0.3.5/ && ../../scripts/ && cd ../../../../

Running with Fastlane

Fastlane makes testing, building, and deploying apps easier.

Install fastlane globally (npm i -g fastlane or yarn i -g fastlane). Android and iOS dependencies are the same as React Native CLI.

All fastlane commands are run from the platform directory. For example, Android commands must be run from android/. Fastlane should be executed using bundle exec to ensure dependencies are managed correctly.

The commands for Android and iOS are the same:

  • Run tests: bundle exec fastlane tests
  • Local build: bundle exec fastlane build
  • Build and upload a beta (requires signing): bundle exec fastlane beta
  • Build or promote a release: bundle exec fastlane deploy


Publish an Android app you must first create an app in the Play Console and manually upload an APK. After the first upload run bundle exec fastlane supply init from android/ to sync with the Play store. All future releases will be uploaded automatically.

Android uses tracks. A beta release will build the app and upload to the beta track. Deploying will promote from beta to production.


CB developers must follow fastlane's codesigning guide for using match. Match will automatically sign iOS builds.

New CB developers should get access to the codesigning repo and run bundle exec fastlane match development from ios/.

Not a CB developer? Create an Apple developer and follow the instructions on codesigning guide to setup your certificates.


This react_native application was built with Crowdbotics


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