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Authenticated P2P network backed by HyperSwarm and NOISE

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Authenticated network P2P backed by HyperSwarm and NOISE


First spin up a server

const noise = require('noise-network')

const server = noise.createServer()

server.on('connection', function (encryptedStream) {
  console.log('new encrypted stream!')

  // encryptedStream is a noise-peer stream instance
  encryptedStream.on('data', function (data) {
    console.log('client wrote:', data)

const keyPair = noise.keygen()

// Announce ourself to the HyperSwarm DHT on the following keyPair's publicKey
server.listen(keyPair, function () {
  console.log('Server is listening on:', server.publicKey.toString('hex'))

Then connect to the server by connecting to the public key

// noise guarantees that we connect to the server in a E2E encrypted stream
const client = noise.connect('{public key from above}')

// client is a noise-peer stream instance
client.write('hello server')


const server = noise.createServer([options])

Create a new NOISE server.

Options include:

  // validate the remote client's public key before allowing them to connect
  validate (remoteKey, done) { ... },
  // you can add the onconnection handler here also
  onconnection (connection) { ... }

const client = noise.connect(serverPublicKey, [keyPair])

Connect to a server. Does UDP hole punching if nessesary.




Authenticated P2P network backed by HyperSwarm and NOISE

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