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Welcome to the Altair 8800 emulator repo. If you're interested in retrocomputing, software development, AI, cloud services, and climate monitoring you've arrived at the right repo.

The Altair 8800 kick-started the personal computer revolution. Microsoft's first product was Altair BASIC written for the Altair 8800 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen. At the time, Altair BASIC was a huge step forward as it allowed people to write programs using a high-level programming language.

The Altair project can run standalone and is a fantastic safe way to explore machine-level programming, Intel 8080 Assembly programming, along with C and BASIC development.

Optionally, the project integrates free weather and pollution cloud services from Open Weather Map, along with Azure IoT Central, and Azure Anomaly Detection Cognitive Service. The following reports were generated from data published by the Altair emulator using data sourced from Open Weather Map.

IoT Central Sydney pollution report Azure Anomaly Detection report
The images shows pollution report for Sydney The following images shows temperature based anomalies


The project documentation is maintained on the repo Wiki.

Supported devices

The Altair emulator is supported on Azure Sphere devices from Avnet and Seeed Studio. If an Azure Sphere device is paired with the Altair front panel kit or the Mikroe Altair Retro Click, the Altair address and data bus activity is displayed.

Azure Sphere with the Altair front panel kit MikroE Retro Click
The gif shows the Altair on Azure Sphere with the Altair front panel The gif shows the address and data bus LEDs in action


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