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LinqPad driver for LiteDB

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LinqPad driver for LiteDB

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LinqPad version 4 and 5 (.NET Full)

LiteDbPad is a Dynamic driver for LinqPad. I've tested it in LinqPad 4.x but should work with version 5 just fine.

To install or update LiteDbPad:

  1. Download LiteDBPad.lpx
  2. in LinqPad Add Connection->More Drivers->Browse to LPX file Once installed, you should be able to select the driver in the Add Connection dialog.

LiteDbPad can open LiteDB 4.0+ files and let you specify some connection string properties like Password etc.

LinqPad version 6 (.NET Core)

Install directly from LinqPad:

To open LiteDB version 4 databases: Add new connection->More Drivers->Show All Drivers->LiteDBPad6

To open LiteDB version 5+ databases: Add new connection->More Drivers->Show All Drivers->LiteDB5Pad6

Query database with expressions like



LinqPad driver for LiteDB

License:BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License


Language:C# 100.0%