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Library for the Withings Health API

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Python library for the Withings Health API

Withings Health API

Uses OAuth 2.0 to authenticate. You need to obtain a client id and consumer secret from Withings by creating an application here:


pip install withings-api


For a complete example, checkout the integration test in scripts/ It has a working example on how to use the API.

from withings_api import WithingsAuth, WithingsApi, AuthScope
from withings_api.common import get_measure_value, MeasureType

auth = WithingsAuth(
    client_id='your client id',
    consumer_secret='your consumer secret',
    callback_uri='your callback uri',
    mode='demo',  # Used for testing. Remove this when getting real user data.

authorize_url = auth.get_authorize_url()
# Have the user goto authorize_url and authorize the app. They will be redirected back to your redirect_uri.

credentials = auth.get_credentials('code from the url args of redirect_uri')

# Now you are ready to make calls for data.
api = WithingsApi(credentials)

meas_result = api.measure_get_meas()
weight_or_none = get_measure_value(meas_result, with_measure_type=MeasureType.WEIGHT)


Building, testing and lintings of the project is all done with one script. You only need a few dependencies.


  • python3 in your path.
  • The python3 venv module.

The build script will setup the venv, dependencies, test and lint and bundle the project.


Integration Testing

There exists a simple integration test that runs against Withings' demo data. It's best to run this after you have successful builds.

Note: after changing the source, you need to run build for the integration test to pickup the changes.

source ./venv/bin/activate
./scripts/ --client-id <your client id> --consumer-secret <your consumer secret> --callback-uri <your clalback uri>

The integration test will cache the credentials in a <project root>/.credentials file between runs. If you get an error saying the access token expired, then remove that credentials file and try again.

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Library for the Withings Health API

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