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Collection of materials presented at PyCon Thailand 2018

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Talks in PyCon Thailand 2018

A collection of some presentations given at PyCon Thailand 2018.

Issues Welcome

Anyone is welcome to submit issues regarding any errors contained in these presentations.

Environment Setup

From inside a presentation directory,

  1. Install packages via pipenv:

    $ pipenv install
  2. Run post-installation script to enable RISE extension in Jupyter notebooks:

    $ pipenv run post-install
  3. Start a new Jupyter notebook session:

    $ pipenv run jupyter notebook
  4. Viewing the presentation: Browse for a notebook to view and press Alt-R to start (or end) the presentation.

    Use Space and Shift-Space to navigate between elements inside the presentation. Other Jupyter notebook-specific commands should still work.

Development Setup

Assuming that the first three steps from Environment Setup are followed, here is how to create a new presentation with RISE:

  1. Create a new notebook.
  2. Show the presentation toolbar by clicking the top-bar menu: View > Cell Toolbar > Slideshow.
  3. Go rogue!
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Collection of materials presented at PyCon Thailand 2018

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