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The Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit.

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The Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit (MITK) is a free open-source software system for development of interactive medical image processing software. MITK combines the Insight Toolkit (ITK) and the Visualization Toolkit (VTK) with an application framework.

The links below provide high-level and reference documentation targeting different usage scenarios:

See the MITK homepage for details.

Supported Platforms

MITK is a cross-platform C++ toolkit and officially supports:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Linux

For details, please read the Supported Platforms page.


Copyright (c) German Cancer Research Center.

MITK is available as free open-source software under a BSD-style license.


The MITK source code and binaries for the MitkWorkbench application are released regularly according to the MITK release cycle. See the Download page for a list of releases.

The official MITK source code is available in the MITK Git repository. The Git clone command is

git clone https://phabricator.mitk.org/source/mitk.git MITK

Active development takes place in the MITK master branch and its usage is advised for advanced users only.

How to Contribute

Contributions of all kind are happily accepted. However, to make the contribution process as smooth as possible, please read the How to contribute to MITK page if you plan to contribute to MITK.

Build Instructions

MITK uses CMake to configure a build tree. The following is a crash course about cloning, configuring, and building MITK on a Linux/Unix system:

git clone https://phabricator.mitk.org/source/mitk.git MITK
mkdir MITK-build
cd MITK-build
cmake ../MITK
make -j4

Read the comprehensive Build Instructions page for details.

Useful Links


The Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit.




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