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A dynamic mod creation tool which assembles custom jar-mods

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ASM Mod Suit

ASM Mod Suit by Cubitect [YouTube] is a dynamic mod creation tool and installer. It assembles custom jar-mods for any newer Minecraft version, using the assembler and disassembler Krakatau Bytecode Tools by Robert Grosse.

Mods currently installable:

Mod MC versions Description
ASMTick 1.7+ Allows you to change the speed at which the game runs
ASMVillageMarker 1.8+ Highlights villages in the world
ASMEventMarker 1.8+ Highlights tile ticks and block actions in the world


Python 2.7


To install any of the mods, simply download (or clone) this repository and run the install.py script, i.e.:

python2 install.py.

This will open a basic GUI interface, where you can browse for the minecraft-version jar-file for which you want to install the mods. Then select the mods you want to install, and the name of the new modded copy. Finally press "install" and wait until you get the "Done" popup.


ASMTick is a simple tickrate mod. The idea for this mod is based on the Tickspeed mod by Panda4994.

This mod can also be installed on servers, however support for servers is still in development and based on several hacks.


ASMTick provides a tickrate command which lets you change the speed at which the game runs.

/tickrate [rate] [client|server]

Specifying only rate will set the tickrate for both the client and the server.

On servers the mod loosens the sleep-lock between server-ticks in order to process commands sent to the server by the player. This feature can be controlled by a more advanced argument:

/tickrate --server-sleep-lock [ON|OFF|<msec>]

Turning the server-sleep-lock ON will prevent the server from processing any packets until a tick has finished. Setting it to an integer value will loosen the sleep-lock such that the server checks for packets every msec milliseconds.


ASMVillageMarker is a client-only mod which highlights village radii and golem spawning areas. The idea of this mod is based on KaboPC's Village Marker Mod.

Config Options

A config file called ASMVillageMarker.conf will be created in your minecraft direcory when you start up the game and enter a world.


ASMEventMarker is a client mod which highlights tile-ticks (e.g. repeaters & comparators) and block actions (e.g. pistons & note blocks). The highlighting includes some basic info about the event, like its scheduled (world-)time, priority and index.


ASMStructMarker is a client mod that reads the content of the structure save files and outlines them in the world.


A dynamic mod creation tool which assembles custom jar-mods

License:GNU General Public License v3.0


Language:Objective-J 89.1%Language:Python 6.6%Language:Jasmin 3.3%Language:Java 1.0%Language:Shell 0.0%