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Creating a collaborative environment in VR for Oculus Rift using ThreeJS and Myo

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Collavrate - Collaborative WebVR environment using a Myo Armband

Collavrate aims to enable multiple users to collaborate in a VR world. This starts from using a Myo Armband to enable users to draw on a whiteboard. Leveraging the Myo armband, movement in the VR world is controlled by gestures. Furthermore, the project aims to allow users to draw 3D models in VR.

Setup Process

  1. Clone the repository
  2. In the root directory, run npm install
  3. In the server directory, run npm install
  4. This project uses PostgreSQL, the schema is included in the server directory.
  5. Create a config.js in the server directory. It will look something liket this:
var config = {
	conString: "postgres://zohaibahmed@localhost/collavrate",
	port: 3000

module.exports = config;
  1. OPTIONAL (if running local server): Run the server from the server directory: node collavrate.js 6a. OPTIONAL (if running local server): Make sure you change the SERVER variable in src/collavrate.js
  2. OPTIONAL: If you choose to use the myos, please wear both of them and sync them before opening Collavrate.
  3. Open vr.html from the root directory


For the VR experience, make sure that you have Mozilla Nightly installed, and open vr.html.

For a non-VR experience, you'll need to edit the collavrateWorld.js file. In particular, comment out the "Setup for virtual reality" section and in the render function, comment the following:

effect.render( scene, camera );

And make sure you uncomment the native three.js renderer:

renderer.render(scene, camera);

To navigate with the Myos:

Right Hand Finger Spread (Hold) - move forward Right Hand Wave In/Out (Hold) - rotate the toolbelt Right Hand Fist (Hold) - start draw, or select existing object/second object to subtract, union, intersect Right Hand Rest - stop drawing/extruding

Left Hand Wave In/Out (Hold) - rotate the 3D object Left Hand Fist (Hold) - select object Left Hand Finger Spread (Hold) - unselect object Left Hand Rest - stop rotating

To navigate without the Myos, the following keys are mapped:

W A S D - movement P - Stop camera movement K - Rotate toolbelt to left L - Rotate toolbelt to right M - Rotate 3D object to right N - Rotate 3D object to left

Use the mouse to control the cursor when you need to draw. Clicking on an existing object selects the object.


  • Enable tracking with Myo using Websockets API
  • Create primitive whiteboard
  • Create more tools to draw shapes, choose colours, etc (Backlogged, not really necessary)
  • Create server that would allow multiple clients to connect and draw simultaneously
  • Create Oculus environment in THREE.js that allows users to move around
  • Create multiple rooms
  • Add whiteboards to the VR environment
  • Allow users to use two myos at the same time to move and change 3D objects
  • Allow users to draw 3D objects by extruding
  • Add final report and presentation


Creating a collaborative environment in VR for Oculus Rift using ThreeJS and Myo

License:MIT License


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