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Force Bridge

Quick Start

Install Obelisk

Obelisk is a framework for developing applications and a development and deployment tool. Follow the instructions here to install Obelisk.

Add additional binary caches

To speed up build times, we recommend enabling the following binary caches:

  • The Obsidian Open Source binary cache:
    • Address: s3://obsidian-open-source
    • Public Key: obsidian-open-source:KP1UbL7OIibSjFo9/2tiHCYLm/gJMfy8Tim7+7P4o0I=
  • The reflex-platform binary cache:
  • The NixOS binary cache:

These binary caches can be added to your Nix configuration by following the directions here.

Running the project

To run force-bridge, the ui, and nodes:

ob run
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