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Two RX-channel 6 GHz FMCW radar design files

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6 GHz two RX channel FMCW radar design files.

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SAR image formation steps:

Compile Tensorflow custom operations in pc/sar/sar_op. See BUILDING file in that directory for the instructions.

pc/sar/ is used to slice the correct time from the measurement file.

./ <log file> <start time> <end time> [decimation factor]

It writes sweeps.p file with the data in the format the image formation scripts know how to read. To form the SAR image run ./ sweeps.p or ./ sweeps.p. Some variables related to the image formation can be found on the top of the image formation scripts.

Example data can be downloaded from:

Use start and end times of 20 and 136 for it. Decimation factor should be 1 or 2 for backprojection and 2 for omega-k.


Two RX-channel 6 GHz FMCW radar design files

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