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Official content repository. Use the "Assets" extension in SillyTavern to download these files into your installation.

Alternatively, download the repository as a ZIP file and unpack it into your /SillyTavern/public folder.

Also provides access to the repository of endorsed third-party SillyTavern UI extensions. Want to contribute your extensions to the list? Please get in contact with our team!

All rights to copyrighted works are reserved by their respective owners. You should gain their permission if you'd like to redistribute these assets outside of SillyTavern's ecosystem. Please refer to the list below.

Artist credits


  • Deffcolony (
    • cup-of-cohee.ogg
    • deep-under-water-temple.ogg
    • inside-the-water-temple.ogg
    • sunken-water-temple.ogg
  • ReXommendation (
    • energetic_1.ogg
    • finality.ogg
    • sad_ambience_1.ogg
    • sad_ambience_2.ogg
    • solemn_melody.ogg
    • calm-bittersweet.ogg
    • melancholy-bittersweet.ogg
    • solemn-bittersweet.ogg


  • Deffcolony (
    • bedroom-clean.mp3
    • bedroom-cyberpunk.mp3
    • cityscape-medieval-market.mp3
    • cityscape-postapoc.mp3
    • japan-classroom.mp3
    • japan-path-cherry-blossom.mp3
    • japan-university.mp3
    • landscape-autumn-great-tree.mp3
    • landscape-beach-day.mp3
    • landscape-beach-night.mp3
    • landscape-winter-lake-house.mp3



Official content repository.

License:MIT License


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