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Pug's CLI interface

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Pug's CLI interface

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$ pug [options] [dir|file ...]

Render <file>s and all files in <dir>s. If no files are specified, input is taken from standard input and output to standard output.


-h, --help             output usage information
-V, --version          output the version number
-O, --obj <str|path>   JSON/JavaScript options object or file
-o, --out <dir>        output the rendered HTML or compiled JavaScript to
-p, --path <path>      filename used to resolve includes
-b, --basedir          path used as root directory to resolve absolute includes
-P, --pretty           compile pretty HTML output
-c, --client           compile function for client-side runtime.js
-n, --name <str>       the name of the compiled template (requires --client)
-D, --no-debug         compile without debugging (smaller functions)
-w, --watch            watch files for changes and automatically re-render
-E, --extension <ext>  specify the output file extension
-s, --silent           do not output logs
--name-after-file      name the template after the last section of the file
                       path (requires --client and overriden by --name)
--doctype <str>        specify the doctype on the command line (useful if it
                       is not specified by the template)


Render all files in the templates directory:

$ pug templates

Create {foo,bar}.html:

$ pug {foo,bar}.pug

Using pug over standard input and output streams:

$ pug < my.pug > my.html
$ echo "h1 Pug!" | pug

Render all files in foo and bar directories to /tmp:

$ pug foo bar --out /tmp

Specify options through a string:

$ pug -O '{"doctype": "html"}' foo.pug
# or, using JavaScript instead of JSON
$ pug -O "{doctype: 'html'}" foo.pug

Specify options through a file:

$ echo "exports.doctype = 'html';" > options.js
$ pug -O options.js foo.pug
# or, JSON works too
$ echo '{"doctype": "html"}' > options.json
$ pug -O options.json foo.pug


npm install pug-cli -g




Pug's CLI interface

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