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Explore Amazing Buttons animation for your next project. 🤩An initiative by GDSC-DYPCOE for Hactoberfest. 🚀

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Welcome to Animating Buttons! Gif

Coolest place in the digital universe, the Animating Buttons repository! This project aims to provide a collection of animated buttons that you can use to enhance your web development projects. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced developer, these buttons will add a touch of interactivity and flair to your websites.

GSSoC 2023 〽️


What can You Contribute ⚠️

Contribution Guidelines
- You can contribute any animated buttons. ⬆️
- You can update or refine an existing animated button or even add your own new buttons to this repository. 🚀
- Make sure you follow the below steps before making your contributions. ❗❗❗

Contribution Steps:

〽️ First, fork the repository (Click the Fork button in the top right corner of the page).

〽️ Clone the forked repo to your local machine using the following command:

git clone https://github.com/**username**/Animating-Buttons.git

〽️ Navigate to project directory.

cd Animating-Buttons
npm i
npm start

〽️ Create a new Branch

git checkout -b my-new-branch

🚀🚀 Animating Buttons Repository Instructions

To contribute to the Animating Buttons repository, follow these steps:

Step Description Link
1 Go to the public/Buttons folder in the repository. public/Buttons
2 Add a new folder with your GitHub username, including your button code (index.html + style.css files). -
3 Go to the src/Data.js file. src/Data.js
4 Add your folder name (e.g., github_username) and your code in the src/Data.js file. -

Note: Replace github_username with your actual GitHub username.

Make sure to align your button centered horizontally as well as vertically.
Don't forget to replace 'your_github_username' with your actual GitHub username.
If you are adding more than one button, give them proper names like Spyware007_1, Spyware007_2, your_github_username_1, etc.

〽️ Stage your changes.

git add .

〽️ Commit your changes.

git commit -m "Relevant message"

〽️ Then push

git push origin my-new-branch

〽️ Finally, create a new pull request from your forked repository

Make sure you commit your changes in a new branch ❗❗
Make sure that your file name and your commit message are relevant.
Also, make sure you comment your code wherever necessary.

Our Beloved Contributors ⭐

PS: A big thank you to all our contributors who have made this project better with their valuable contributions! We appreciate your efforts and dedication.


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Explore Amazing Buttons animation for your next project. 🤩An initiative by GDSC-DYPCOE for Hactoberfest. 🚀


License:MIT License


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