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Standalone port of the yabai v2.4.3 border implementation

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Port of the old border system that used to be implemented in yabai v2.4.3.

For the old version of limelight that was simply a focused border, see focused_border_only

Requires access to the accessibility API. Supports macOS High Sierra and newer.


# add the following to the end of your yabairc to have it launch automatically when yabai starts.
# make sure the limelight binary is added somewhere in your $PATH

# kill any existing limelight process if one exists, before we launch a new one
killall limelight &> /dev/null
limelight &> /dev/null &


Requires xcode command line tools

# simply clone repo and run make

# symlink binary to somewhere in your path (does not need to be re-created after a rebuild)
# replace the second argument below with some directory in your path
  ln -s /path/to/bin/limelight /usr/local/bin/limelight


Standalone port of the yabai v2.4.3 border implementation

License:MIT License


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