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An in-depth introduction to using Flecs

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Flecs (not for dummies)

An in-depth introduction to using Flecs. Great for if you are just getting started with the framework! If you are a university or company using Flecs, and you would like to receive the presentation, feel free to reach out to me on the Flecs Discord:

Presentation topics

Flecs Introduction

  • Project overview
  • High level concepts
  • Unique features
  • Community

Writing fast code

  • Storage
  • Cache lines
  • Multithreading
  • Data Oriented Design
  • ECS

Flecs Basics

  • Entities, Types, Components
  • Relationships
  • Queries
  • Systems
  • Modules

Flecs Advanced

  • Hierarchies
  • Prefabs
  • State Machines
  • Singletons
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An in-depth introduction to using Flecs

License:MIT License