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Better Discord/Administration plugin for Mindustry

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Matrix plugin

This plugin adds most commands to your server.

Features of the plugin:

The relationship between Discord and Mindustry, namely:

  • Sending Discord messages to the game
  • Sending game messages to Discord
  • Logging of registered commands
  • Messages about the player's entry/exit
  • View the contents of the core in the shell

New commands for adminitrators:

  • Spawn of ore with the specified radius
  • Installation of any unit
  • Enable / disable infinite resources
  • JS command in the game itself.
  • Notification for the entire server

In addition, there are other fitches:

  • Animated nickname ([animated])
  • Auto moderation of words
  • Inscription at the top of the screen
  • Players can change the team color in PvP
  • Fully customizable messages and commands


Put the plugin in <server folder location>/config/mods folder.
Start the server. Configs are generated.
Edit the config in the <server folder location>/config/mods/Matrix/ folder.
Enjoy the plugin

Matrix 0.1 Plans

  • Administration
    • Mutes
    • Temporary bans
  • Discord
    • Statistics
    • Loading maps via message
    • Console
  • Setting up permissions (Via a separate plugin)
  • Commands
    • Teleportation to the players or to the point /tp
    • Custom /help
    • Private message /m
  • Code optimization
  • Linking a database

Client commands

Command Parameter Description Permission
setteam Sets the team by color Player
spawnore Spawn a vein of ore with a radius Administrator
setblock Puts a block under the player Administrator
infiniteresources <on/off> Enables infinite resources on the map Administrator
bc Sends a pop-up window to players Administrator
js Executes js code Administrator

Server commands

Command Parameter Description
ping Return pong!


Better Discord/Administration plugin for Mindustry

License:BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License


Language:Java 100.0%