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Reddit Wallpaper Changer

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Reddit Wallpaper Changer

Based on RWC-Source originally created by Joseph Robidoux

Reddit Wallpaper Changer


Reddit Wallpaper Changer is a lightweight C# application for Windows that will scrape Reddit for fresh desktop wallpapers. You can specify which subs to scrape from and how oftern to rotate your wallpaper.

Current Version -

  • Added: Specify a time period to use a sub to look for wallpapers
  • Added: Housekeeping of previously downloaded wallpapers
  • Changed:
  • Fixed: Crash when clicking the headers in History/Favourites/Blacklist
  • Fixed: Issue with random wallpers being chosen
  • Fixed: Typo in 'Rebuild Thumbs' message box


Download the latest MSI installer from the releases page or install using Chocolatey

You will need to have the Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Redistributable Package Update 4 (x86) package installed, which is a prerequisite for SQLite. You can download the installer from Microsoft.

Pull Request Shoutouts

Shoutouts to the following people who submittied code changes for this release:

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Reddit Wallpaper Changer

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Language:C# 100.0%