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Async Scala-Akka-Netty based Load Test Tool

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What is Gatling ?

Gatling is a stress tool. Development is currently focusing on HTTP support.


  • Finding fancy GUIs not that convenient for describing stress tests, what you want is a friendly expressive DSL?
  • Wanting something more convenient than huge XML dumps to store in your source version control system?
  • Fed up with having to host a farm of injecting servers because your tool uses blocking IO and one-thread-per-user architecture?

Gatling is for you!

Underlying technologies

Gatling is developed in Scala and built upon :

  • Async Http Client and Netty for non blocking HTTP
  • Akka for actions (requests, pauses, assertions, etc...) modeling and orchestration ...


For people wanting to use the latest evolutions, the SNAPSHOT versions are available from the Sonatype OSS repository.

Questions, help?

Read the documentation.

Join the Gatling User Group.

Found a real bug? Raise an issue.


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Async Scala-Akka-Netty based Load Test Tool


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