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Flutter版微信SDK.WeChat SDK for flutter.

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What's Fluwx

Fluwx is flutter plugin for WeChatSDK which allows developers to call
WeChatSDK native APIs.

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  • Share images, texts, music and so on to WeChat, including session, favorite and timeline.
  • Payment with WeChat.
  • Get auth code before you login in with WeChat.
  • Launch mini program in WeChat.
  • Subscribe Message.
  • Just open WeChat app.
  • Launch app From wechat link.


Fluwx is good but not God. You'd better read official documents before integrating Fluwx. Then you'll understand how to generate Android signature, what's universal link for iOS, how to add URL schema for iOS and so on.

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Add the following dependencies in your pubspec.yaml file:

Fluwx with pay:

  fluwx: ^${latestVersion}

pub package

Fluwx without pay:

  fluwx_no_pay: ^${latestVersion}

pub package

NOTE: Never forget to replace ^${latestVersion} with actual version.

Register WxAPI

Register your app via fluwx if necessary.

registerWxApi(appId: "wxd930ea5d5a228f5f",universalLink: "");

The param universalLink only works with iOS. You can read this document to learn how to create universalLink. You can also learn how to add URL schema, how to add LSApplicationQueriesSchemes in your iOS project. This is essential.

For Android, you shall know to how generate signature for your app in this page. And you have to understand the difference between debug signature and release signature. Once the signature is incorrect, then you'll get errCode = -1.

Capability Document

For more capabilities, you can read the public functions of fluwx.


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Flutter版微信SDK.WeChat SDK for flutter.

License:Apache License 2.0


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