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Welcome to frc-docs! This repository contains the various source articles for the frc-docs website. frc-docs is licensed under Creative Commons, with assets such as the FIRST logo under trademark and copyright of FIRST.

The website is available under the following domains, it is preferred to use the WPILib domain URL:

WPILib Mission

The WPILib Mission is to enable FIRST Robotics teams to focus on writing game-specific software rather than focusing on hardware details - "raise the floor, don't lower the ceiling". We work to enable teams with limited programming knowledge and/or mentor experience to be as successful as possible, while not hampering the abilities of teams with more advanced programming capabilities. We support Kit of Parts control system components directly in the library. We also strive to keep parity between major features of each language (Java, C++, and NI's LabVIEW), so that teams aren't at a disadvantage for choosing a specific programming language. WPILib is an open source project, licensed under the BSD 3-clause license. You can find a copy of the license here.

Contributing to frc-docs

We're happy to have you contributing to frc-docs, whether it's; writing articles, fixing code, new extensions, or adding translations!

All the information needed to contribute to frc-docs is located in the contributing section on frc-docs. Additionally, please ensure that all contributions follow the WPILib Code of Conduct.

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Official FRC Documentation powered by Read the Docs



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