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An automatic Scoop bucket powered by Node.js.

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Auto Mirroring Bucket

This is an automatic Scoop bucket powered by Node.js.

What is this?

Auto Mirroring Bucket can contain all the buckets you want, and you can update your buckets and set mirrors for them by running one command.

Get Started

  1. Install Node.js and Yarn.
  2. Add Auto Mirroring Bucket:
    scoop bucket add mirrored
    # or you can use instead
  3. Go to the directory of Auto Mirroring Bucket:
    cd ~/scoop/buckets/mirrored
  4. Run:
    mkdir ./bucket/
    mkdir ./source/
  5. Clone the scoop buckets you like to ./source/, for example:
    # is a mirror for
    git clone ./source/main/
    git clone ./source/extras/
  6. Install dependencies:
    cd ./bin/
    yarn install
    cd ../
  7. Configure Auto Mirroring Bucket by editing ./bin/config.js
  8. Update buckets and apply mirrors for them:
    yarn start
  9. Then you can install any apps from Auto Mirroring Bucket, for example:
    scoop install mirrored/git
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An automatic Scoop bucket powered by Node.js.


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