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This is a clean laravel install for people who dont want to use composer

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Just download the zip and upload to your htdoc and wolla it will work for you

Laravel 4.2 - Last Update: 08 December 2014

Why i created this repo?

Composer is great dependency manager. It's revolutionized the way we are using PHP. But it's slow compare with other dependency manager (like npm or gem). Especially for people who living in certain area that doesn't have fast internet connection.

I love Laravel, and I have seen other PHP developer who want to try Laravel are getting frustated when they want to install it on their computer because Composer is too slow to install any PHP library that needed by Laravel.

I created Larapack to provide you an simple way to install Laravel on your computer. It's also include composer.phar. So if you needed other library for your application, you can install directly with Composer.

Larapack will be updated weekly. But it is intended for PHP developer who still relative new with Laravel and Composer and if you already know about it, I strongly suggest you to install/update it with Composer. I also have modified composer.json inside Larapack to give a boost performance when you try to update your Laravel dependencies.


This is a clean laravel install for people who dont want to use composer


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