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C# Xbox WebAPI, includes support for authentication with Windows Live / Xbox Live

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Xbox WebAPI library for .NET

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C# Xbox WebAPI, includes support for authentication with Windows Live / Xbox Live.


Basic authentication flow

using System;
using XboxWebApi.Authentication;
using XboxWebApi.Authentication.Model;

// ...

string requestUrl = AuthenticationService.GetWindowsLiveAuthenticationUrl();

/* Call requestUrl via WebWidget or manually and authenticate */

WindowsLiveResponse response = AuthenticationService.ParseWindowsLiveResponse(
    "<Received Redirection URL>");

AuthenticationService authenticator = new AuthenticationService(response);

string tokenFilePath = "tokens.json";
bool success = await authenticator.AuthenticateAsync();
if (!success)
    throw new Exception("Authentication failed!");

success = await authenticator.DumpToJsonFileAsync(tokenFilePath);
if (!success)
    throw new Exception("Failed to dump tokens");

Console.WriteLine("Tokens saved to {}", tokenFilePath);


Save token to JSON

using XboxWebApi.Authentication;

await authenticator.DumpToJsonFileAsync(tokenFilePath);

Load token from JSON

using XboxWebApi.Authentication;

AuthenticationService authenticator = await AuthenticationService.LoadFromJsonFileAsync("tokens.json");

Example Api Usage

using System;
using XboxWebApi.Common;
using XboxWebApi.Services;
using XboxWebApi.Services.Api;
using XboxWebApi.Services.Model;
using XboxWebApi.Authentication;

if (!authenticator.XToken.Valid)
    Console.WriteLine("Token expired, please refresh / reauthenticate");

XblConfiguration xblConfig = new XblConfiguration(authenticator.XToken, XblLanguage.United_States);

PresenceService presenceService = new PresenceService(xblConfig);
PeopleService peopleService = new PeopleService(xblConfig);
MessageService messageService = new MessageService(xblConfig);
// ... more services

var friends = await peopleService.GetFriendsAsync();
var presenceBatch = await presenceService.GetPresenceBatchAsync(friends.GetXuids());
for (int i = 0; i < friends.TotalCount; i++)
    Console.WriteLine($"{presenceBatch[i].Xuid} is {presenceBatch[i].State}");


Not yet, please look at XboxWebApi.Tests for now.


Informations on endpoints gathered from:


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C# Xbox WebAPI, includes support for authentication with Windows Live / Xbox Live

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