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KeePassXC is a cross-platform community-driven port of the Windows application “Keepass Password Safe”.

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KeePass Cross-platform Community Edition


KeePassXC is a community fork of KeePassX with the goal to extend and improve it with new features and bugfixes to provide a feature-rich, fully cross-platform and modern open-source password manager.

Additional features compared to KeePassX

  • Auto-Type on all three major platforms (Linux, Windows, macOS)
  • Twofish encryption
  • YubiKey challenge-response support
  • TOTP generation
  • CSV import
  • Command line interface
  • DEP and ASLR hardening
  • Stand-alone password and passphrase generator
  • Password strength meter
  • Using website favicons as entry icons
  • Merging of databases
  • Automatic reload when the database was changed externally
  • KeePassHTTP support for use with PassIFox in Mozilla Firefox, chromeIPass in Google Chrome or Chromium and passafari in Safari.
  • Many bug fixes

For a full list of features and changes, read the CHANGELOG document.

Note about KeePassHTTP

KeePassHTTP is not a highly secure protocol and has certain flaw which allow an attacker to decrypt your passwords when they manage to intercept communication between a KeePassHTTP server and PassIFox/chromeIPass over a network connection (see here and here). KeePassXC therefore strictly limits communication between itself and the browser plugin to your local computer. As long as your computer is not compromised, your passwords are fairly safe that way, but use it at your own risk!


Pre-compiled binaries can be found on the downloads page. Additionally, individual Linux distributions may ship their own versions, so please check out your distribution's package list to see if KeePassXC is available.

Building KeePassXC

More detailed instructions are available in the INSTALL file or on the Wiki page.

First, you must download the KeePassXC source tarball or check out the latest version from our Git repository.

To clone the project from Git, cd to a suitable location and run

git clone

This will clone the entire contents of the repository and check out the current develop branch.

To update the project from within the project's folder, you can run the following command:

git pull

Once you have downloaded the source code, you can cd into the source code directory, build and install KeePassXC:

mkdir build
cd build
make -j8
sudo make install

cmake accepts the following options:

  -DWITH_XC_AUTOTYPE=[ON|OFF] Enable/Disable Auto-Type (default: ON)
  -DWITH_XC_HTTP=[ON|OFF] Enable/Disable KeePassHTTP and custom icon downloads (default: OFF)
  -DWITH_XC_YUBIKEY=[ON|OFF] Enable/Disable YubiKey HMAC-SHA1 authentication support (default: OFF)

  -DWITH_TESTS=[ON|OFF] Enable/Disable building of unit tests (default: ON)
  -DWITH_GUI_TESTS=[ON|OFF] Enable/Disable building of GUI tests (default: OFF)
  -DWITH_DEV_BUILD=[ON|OFF] Enable/Disable deprecated method warnings (default: OFF)
  -DWITH_ASAN=[ON|OFF] Enable/Disable address sanitizer checks (Linux only) (default: OFF)
  -DWITH_COVERAGE=[ON|OFF] Enable/Disable coverage tests (GCC only) (default: OFF)


We are always looking for suggestions how to improve our application. If you find any bugs or have an idea for a new feature, please let us know by opening a report in our issue tracker on GitHub or join us on IRC on freenode channels #keepassxc or #keepassxc-dev.

You can of course also directly contribute your own code. We are happy to accept your pull requests.

Please read the CONTRIBUTING document for further information.


KeePassXC is a cross-platform community-driven port of the Windows application “Keepass Password Safe”.



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