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Conan package recipe for skia

Skia provides 2D / 3D Vector rendering

The packages generated with this conanfile can be found on Bintray.

It builds only the library, without any demos or tools found in skia


If you wish to report an issue or make a request for a package, please do so here:

Issues Tracker

For Users

Basic setup

$ conan install skia/master@maddimax/master

Project setup

If you handle multiple dependencies in your project is better to add a conanfile.txt



Complete the installation of requirements for your project running:

$ mkdir build && cd build && conan install ..

Note: It is recommended that you run conan install from a build directory and not the root of the project directory. This is because conan generates conanbuildinfo files specific to a single build configuration which by default comes from an autodetected default profile located in ~/.conan/profiles/default . If you pass different build configuration options to conan install, it will generate different conanbuildinfo files. Thus, they should not be added to the root of the project, nor committed to git.

Supported OS

Currenly this package works for and provides packages for iOS and macOS. Pull Requests for other platforms are very welcome ( see Issues Tracker )

Build and package

The following command both runs all the steps of the conan file, and publishes the package to the local system cache. This includes all necessary requirements

# add bincrafters public-conan repository
$ conan remote add bincrafters
# Add our repository
$ conan remote add maddimax

# iOS
$ conan create . demo/testing -o skia:metal=True -o skia:gpu=True --profile ios_profile --build missing
# iOS Simulator
$ conan create . demo/testing -o skia:metal=False -o skia:gpu=True --profile ios_sim_profile --build missing
# macOS
$ conan create . demo/testing -o skia:metal=False -o skia:gpu=False --build missing

Available Options

Option Default Possible Values
skia_enable_atlas_text False [True,False]
skia_enable_ccpr True [True,False]
skia_enable_discrete_gpu True [True,False]
skia_enable_flutter_defines False [True,False]
skia_enable_fontmgr_android False [True,False]
skia_enable_fontmgr_custom False [True,False]
skia_enable_fontmgr_custom_empty False [True,False]
skia_enable_fontmgr_empty False [True,False]
skia_enable_fontmgr_fuchsia False [True,False]
skia_enable_fontmgr_win False [True,False]
skia_enable_fontmgr_win_gdi False [True,False]
skia_enable_gpu False [True,False]
skia_enable_nima False [True,False]
skia_enable_nvpr True [True,False]
skia_enable_particles True [True,False]
skia_enable_pdf True [True,False]
skia_enable_skottie True [True,False]
skia_enable_skpicture True [True,False]
skia_enable_skshaper True [True,False]
skia_enable_spirv_validation False [True,False]
skia_enable_tools False [True,False]
skia_enable_vulkan_debug_layers False [True,False]
skia_generate_workarounds False [True,False]
skia_use_angle False [True,False]
skia_use_dng_sdk True [True,False]
skia_use_egl False [True,False]
skia_use_expat True [True,False]
skia_use_fixed_gamma_text False [True,False]
skia_use_fontconfig False [True,False]
skia_use_fonthost_mac True [True,False]
skia_use_freetype False [True,False]
skia_use_harfbuzz True [True,False]
skia_use_icu True [True,False]
skia_use_libheif False [True,False]
skia_use_libjpeg_turbo True [True,False]
skia_use_libpng True [True,False]
skia_use_libwebp True [True,False]
skia_use_lua False [True,False]
skia_use_metal False [True,False]
skia_use_opencl False [True,False]
skia_use_piex True [True,False]
skia_use_sfntly True [True,False]
skia_use_system_expat True [True,False]
skia_use_system_harfbuzz True [True,False]
skia_use_system_icu True [True,False]
skia_use_system_libjpeg_turbo True [True,False]
skia_use_system_libpng False [True,False]
skia_use_system_libwebp False [True,False]
skia_use_system_zlib False [True,False]
skia_use_vulkan False [True,False]
skia_use_wuffs False [True,False]
skia_use_x11 False [True,False]
skia_use_xps True [True,False]
skia_use_zlib True [True,False]
is_official_build True [True,False]

Note: This package tries to verify that gn actually accepted the configuration you set, and might raise an exception if it does not.

Skia has a bunch more options available, Pull requests adding those are very welcome.

Updating skia

To update to a new version of skia update the submodule in the skia subfolder. Skia changes a lot so expect problems.

Conan Recipe License

NOTE: The conan recipe license applies only to the files of this recipe, which can be used to build and package skia. It does not in any way apply or is related to the actual software being packaged.



conan package for googles skia

License:MIT License


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