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This repository contains the JavaScript that's added to pouchdb-fauxton-base to make a working version of Fauxton running on top of PouchDB.

It does that by injecting a mock XHR object in the Fauxton page, which converts all requests made by Fauxton into CouchDB request objects. These are then converted to PouchDB method calls by pouchdb-route. The result is a CouchDB response object, which is returned by the mock xhr object as the response to the request.



npm install #first time only
npm test


First, make sure the /fauxton directory contains the result of a build of pouchdb-fauxton-base.

There are different ways to build PouchDB-Fauxton. The basic one is:

npm install #first time only
npm run build

Put the /fauxton directory somewhere on a web server, and that's it!

If you want to build a version of pouchdb-fauxton for use in a Firefox add-on or Chrome extension, check out their respective repositories for information on that.



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