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the extension works again!

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usage: This fork repair the extension on modern chromium, you can load this repository directly from chrome, it is already built. The extension is currently pending a chrome webstore review.

set this line in your code to let the extension observe your local DBs window.PouchDB = PouchDB;


A chrome extension that allows you to view all PouchDB databases on the current web page. IndexedDB backed databases are supported only (but that's the default anyway).

pouchdb-fauxton-chrome-extension in action



Make sure you're familiar with how pouchdb-fauxton-logic works before reading this.

This extension shows a special version of PouchDB-Fauxton inside a developer tool panel in Chrome. This version doesn't directly run pouchdb-route on the resultive CouchDB request object, but instead uses message passing to pass it to the extension. The extension passes it to the current page in the current tab, which does run pouchdb-route on it, and then the whole thing happens again in reverse. This way, it gets to see the PouchDB databases of the current page, not of the developer tools.


Get a copy of pouchdb-fauxton-logic and make sure it's accessable under ../pouchdb-fauxton-logic. Also make sure npm install has been ran at least once it that directory. Then run:


The result is a complete unpacked extension you can load using Chrome/Chromium.


the extension works again!


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