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Development repository for the Triton language and compiler

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This is the development repository of Triton, a language and compiler for writing highly efficient custom Deep-Learning primitives. The aim of Triton is to provide an open-source environment to write fast code at higher productivity than CUDA, but also with higher flexibility than other existing DSLs.

The foundations of this project are described in the following MAPL2019 publication: Triton: An Intermediate Language and Compiler for Tiled Neural Network Computations. Please consider citing this work if you use Triton!

The official documentation contains installation instructions and tutorials.


Supported Platforms:

  • Linux

Supported Hardware:

  • NVIDIA GPUs (Compute Capability 7.0+)
  • Under development: AMD GPUs, CPUs


Community contributions are more than welcome, whether it be to fix bugs or to add new features. Feel free to open Github issues about your contribution ideas, and we will review them. A contributor's guide containing general guidelines is coming soon!


Triton is a fairly recent project, and it is under active development. We expect it to be pretty useful in a wide variety of cases, but don't be surprised if it's a bit rough around the edges :)

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Development repository for the Triton language and compiler



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