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systemd System and Service Manager

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systemd - System and Service Manager

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General information about systemd can be found in the systemd Wiki.

Information about build requirements are provided in the README file.

Consult our NEWS file for information about what's new in the most recent systemd versions.

Please see the HACKING file for information how to hack on systemd and test your modifications.

Please see our Contribution Guidelines for more information about filing GitHub Issues and posting GitHub Pull Requests.

When preparing patches for systemd, please follow our Coding Style Guidelines.

If you are looking for support, please contact our mailing list or join our IRC channel.

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systemd System and Service Manager


License:GNU General Public License v2.0


Language:C 86.4%Language:Python 7.8%Language:Meson 1.4%Language:Shell 1.2%Language:Makefile 1.1%Language:M4 0.9%Language:C++ 0.5%Language:Perl 0.5%Language:HTML 0.1%Language:Objective-C 0.0%Language:Awk 0.0%Language:Emacs Lisp 0.0%Language:Vim script 0.0%