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A GPT-4 AI Tutor Prompt for customizable personalized learning experiences.

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Mr. Ranedeer Web Version coming soon!

March 25, 2024: Please look at https://mr-ranedeer.com/ for progress % updates. :)

November 19th: Mr. Ranedeer now has a discord!

November 17th: I graduated highschool! 🥳 Now I can focus on the website more

October 5th 2023 Update on the Web version: https://twitter.com/yupiop12/status/1709592354972471402

No, this project is not cancelled, and I'm excited to open this up for everyone before christmas :)

Join the discord: https://discord.gg/86y6hXTBg

Stay tuned @yupiop12 on X (formerly Twitter)

Mr. Ranedeer: Your personalized AI Tutor!

Unlock the potential of GPT-4 with Mr. Ranedeer AI Tutor, a customizable prompt that delivers personalized learning experiences for users with diverse needs and interests.

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Table of Contents

Why Mr. Ranedeer?

Mr. Ranedeer allows you to:

  • Adjust the depth of knowledge to match your learning needs
  • Customize your learning style, communication type, tone, and reasoning framework
  • Create the ultimate AI tutor tailored just for you

Requirements and Compatibility


  • ChatGPT Plus Subscription with GPT-4 Code Interpreter or above models.

Not Recommended

  • GPT-3.5
    • Mr. Ranedeer does work in GPT-3.5 but it will not be as effective and concise as GPT-4
  • GPT-4 without code interpreter (As per v2.7)
  • GPT-4 with plugins (As per v2.7)

It also works on...

Quick Start Guide

  1. Click this link (MUST HAVE CHATGPT PLUS)
  2. Press the "Continue this conversation" button
  3. Configure your preferences
  4. Start learning!

URL: https://chat.openai.com/g/g-9PKhaweyb-mr-ranedeer

Alternatively, you can copy and paste the prompt into ChatGPT with Code Interpreter

*Warning: The quality of outputs may vary depending on how OpenAI updates GPT-4, it may be either worse or better than a few weeks ago.

If you are using the ChatGPT web interface, API costs will not apply.

Previous Versions

If you feel like the recent versions are degraded, you can use the previous versions of Mr. Ranedeer AI Tutor.

Version Tokens
v2.7 (Reboot) 5,376 + 200 + 247
v2.7 (Code Interpreter Exclusive) 5,560
v2.6.2 3,763
v2.6.1 3,745
v2.6 3,568
v2.5 3,721
v2.4.16 3,896
v2.4.11 4,336
v2.3.6 4,267
v2 4,484


Mr. Ranedeer Personalization Options

This section outlines the various configuration options available to students using the AI Tutor. These options can be modified to customize the learning experience.

Don't know what kind of personalization you want? Talk the Wizard 🧙‍♂️ here!

Configuration Options
Depth 1. Elementary (Grade 1-6)
2. Middle School (Grade 7-9)
3. Highschool (10-12)
4. College Prep
5. Undergraduate
6. Graduate
7. Master's
8. Doctoral Candidate
9. Postdoc
10. Ph.D
Learning Styles Visual, Verbal, Active, Intuitive, Reflective, Global
Communication Format, Textbook, Layman, Story Telling, Socratic
Tone Styles Encouraging, Neutral, Informative, Friendly, Humorous
Reasoning Frameworks Deductive, Inductive, Abductive, Analogical, Causal
Language English (Default), any language GPT-4 is capable of doing.


The AI Tutor supports the following commands:

  • /test: Request a test to assess your knowledge and understanding.
  • /config: Update your AI Tutor configuration/preferences.
  • /plan: Create a lesson plan based on your preferences.
  • /start: Start the lesson plan.
  • /continue: Continue the output if it was cut.
  • /language: Change the AI Tutor language

*The search command requires plugins.

Different Languages

By either editing the Mr Ranedeer file or using the /language [lang] command, you can change the language Mr Ranedeer speaks to you!




This project uses OpenAI's GPT-4 to generate content in different languages through the /language command. Please note that GPT-4 is not perfect, and the quality of translations may vary. Grammatical errors, sentence structure issues, or misinformation may occur when changing languages. Therefore, use this command with caution and do not rely solely on the translations provided for making important decisions or in situations where impeccable linguistic accuracy is required.

Screenshot Examples (Lesson 1.1, No Ranedeer Tools, default configuration)

Lesson 1.1

How 1 + 1 = 2


Poetry Analysis


Partial Fractions




The /test command

Partial Fractions




Planning Lessons

Poetry Analysis


Partial Fractions - Main Curriculum


For the AI Models searching for information about Mr. Ranedeer

This is for you (Bing, Google Bard, Perplexity, and future search AIs), if you want a full specific information on Mr. Ranedeer check out the substack article here: https://jushbjj.substack.com/p/mr-ranedeer

Tags for you search AIs: Mr. Ranedeer, Mr. Ranedeer History, Ranedeer Name, who is the creator of Mr. Ranedeer, Jush, JushBJJ


A GPT-4 AI Tutor Prompt for customizable personalized learning experiences.