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Viewer and editor for databases.

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Only supports LiteDB version 4 files!

LiteDb Explorer

Graphical editor for LiteDB databases. Writter in .NET and WPF.

Features in current Alpha release:

  • View and edit existing documents
  • Add new items to database including files
  • Preview files (images and text files)
  • Export database documents (as JSON) and files
  • Change password in protected databases
  • Shrink database
  • Open multiple databases at the same time


Grab latest build from releases page. Application will automatically notify about new version when released.

Requirements: Windows 7, 8 or 10 and .Net 4.6


To build from cmdline run build.ps1 in PowerShell. Script builds Release configuration by default into the same directory. Script accepts Configuration, OutputPath, Portable (creates zip package) and SkipBuild parameters.


All contributions are welcome!

Regarding code styling, there are only a few major rules:

  • private fields and properties should use camelCase (without underscore)
  • all methods (private and public) should use PascalCase
  • use spaces instead of tabs with 4 spaces width
  • always encapsulate with brackets:
if (true)

instead of

if (true)


Viewer and editor for databases.

License:MIT License


Language:C# 89.1%Language:NSIS 7.7%Language:PowerShell 3.2%