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Sync economy account over mysql.

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MySQL Economy Bridge Bukkit/Spigot Minecraft Plugin

About | Sync your local economy system using Vault on a MySQL Database, to share the economy accounts across more servers. Usefull for game hubs.

How does it work? | It usses the login and disconnect events to sync the economy.

  • If you have an local economy account with money on it when you disconnect/leave the server it will upload your money to the mysql database.
  • When you join a server it will check the database for your account and move the money to the local economy on the server you just joined.

Features :

  • Mysql Database
  • Online and Offline UUID support
  • Light

Dependency | To install it on you need a Spigot server with Vault and any economy system installed. And a mysql database server.

To compile it you need Spigot and Vault.

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Sync economy account over mysql.


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