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微信开发资源汇总 | WeChat Development Resources Summary

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微信开发资源 WeChat Development Resources


This project is used for collecting and organizing WeChat development resources, welcome to contribute contents.

This project was created on August 14, 2016.


由 Senparc.Weixin SDK 作者亲笔撰写的微信开发图书已经出版,书名:《微信开发深度解析:公众号、小程序高效开发秘籍》,Senparc 团队全程参与了图书整理工作及配套的 BookHelper 辅助阅读系统开发。
图书出版时的代码版本快照见分支 BookVersion1



Senparc.Weixin 12群(微信小程序群):108830388

贡献资料 Contribute Contents

方法一:Pull Request (推荐)

  1. Fork

  2. 创建您的特性分支 (git checkout -b my-new-feature)

  3. 提交您的改动 (git commit -am 'Added some feature')

  4. 将您的修改记录提交到远程 git 仓库 git repository (git push origin my-new-feature)

  5. 然后到 github 网站的该 git 远程仓库的 my-new-feature 分支下发起 Pull Request



发送邮件至,邮件标题以“微信开发资源提交”开头,内容尽量使用 MarkDown 书写,见【格式示例】。

Method 1: Pull Reuquest (Recommended)

  1. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)

  2. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Added some feature')

  3. Push your modify records to remote git repository (git push origin my-new-feature)

  4. Go to the branch of the remote git repository of 'my-new-feature' on GitHub website, then do Pull Request.

The naming rules and content for resource files refer to 【Format Sample】

Method 2: By Email

Send Email to :, the Subject should be started with 'WeChat Development Resource Commit'. It's recommanded that use MarkDown as the language(format) for files, refer to 【Format Sample】.

格式示例 Format Sample


Click to view

更新频率 Update Frequency


  1. 您可以将项目标记为WatchStar,方便您在GitHub网站查看和跟踪。

  2. 您可以对项目进行Fork,随时同步到本地库中查看。

  3. 您可以关注微信公众号“盛派网络小助手”获取最新的咨询。

  4. 收藏本网页直接查看。

Update 1-2 times per week, you can follow updates as following ways:

  1. You can mark this project as Watch or Star, with that you can see this project in an independent list.

  2. You can Fork this project, and synchronizing code at any time you want.

  3. You can follow our Wechat Official Account named SenparcRobot or 盛派网络小助手 to get the news push.

  4. Add this page to your Favorites, open it when you need.

使用 Use


当资料积累到一定量之后我们会集结成图书(电子版 和/或 纸质出版),所有贡献者的GitHub昵称及名字(如有提供)都会被录入。


All the contents in this repository are opened and free to use. Anyone submit contents to here means who know this well and accept the term.

We will publish E-Book and/or P-Book while there are abudant resources. We will record all the contributors with their Github's username or real name(if it's supported). So, please let us know while your name is missing in the contributors' list:

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微信开发资源汇总 | WeChat Development Resources Summary



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