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Vue Data Sync (Client) - WIP

This is the VueJs client package for Vue Data Sync.


npm install -S vue-data-sync

Quick start

First, follow (the backend Quick Start)[https://github.com/Ifnot/vue-data-sync-laravel] and then setup the plugin :

import Vue from 'vue'

import Echo from 'laravel-echo'
let echo = new Echo({ /* ... */ }) // Here your Echo configuration

import vds from 'vue-data-sync'
import vdsEchoDriver from 'vue-data-sync/drivers/laravel-echo-driver'

Vue.use(vds, {
  driver: new vdsEchoDriver({
    echo: echo,
    channels: ['public'], // The backend default value is to listen the public "public" channel
    privateChannels: [], // But you can also use private channels instead
    options: {
      debug: true // Log some debug informations into console

Add a sync object just below your data method of your components :

export default {
  name: 'my-component',
  data () {
    return {
      cars: []
  sync: {
    cars: 'car' // By default, the backend php class name in lower case
  created () {
    // Here you handle the loading of your cars by http request or other ...

How it works : For each event from the backend Car class, The package will apply the modification to your cars array for keeping up to date. (In fact, the loaded data will be updated or deleted, but no creation will be handled this way, read the following for adding creation capability)

Fine tuning

You can customize the way actions are performed by returning method :

sync: {
  cars () {
    return {
      name: 'car',
      onCreate ({data, model, index}) { return true },
      onUpdate ({data, model, index}) { return true },
      onDelete ({data, model, index}) { return true }

The parameters list :

  • data : The dataset (list of models)
  • model : The model send through Echo
  • index : The found index position of the model into data, -1 if not found (search if performed with the id attribute)

The return value :

  • true : You accept the action to be performed (by default onCreate is on false)
  • false or nothing: No default action is performed (you can still do what you want into it)



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