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Python server to log metrics posted from calibre plugins

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##Calibre plugin logger##

A lightweight python server that logs events posted from calibre plugins.


  • calibre command line tools
  • Python 2.7.5 (or newer, not 3.x) recommended for server

To experiment on a development machine:

  • Create a folder on your development machine, e.g. server_test
  • Copy and into that folder
  • Open a terminal window in that folder
  • Launch the server: python
  • The databases will be created and monitoring begins

To send logging events to the server:

  • Open another terminal window
  • execute calibre-debug to send sample events to the logging server

To gracefully exit the server, send a TERM signal to the server PID:

  • ps -A | grep
  • kill -TERM <PID> where <PID> is the PID of the python process displayed by the first command.
  • Or, ctrl-c to inelegantly kill the process.

To deploy on your server:

  • edit (#14): DEVELOPMENT = False
  • Create the folder on your server where the logging databases will be stored
  • Copy to that folder
  • edit (#21) to point to your deployment folder
  • cd to your logging folder
  • python

If you want to deploy a logging server, I recommend WebHostPython with hosted VPS plans starting at $20/month. They have excellent customer support and can set up a server very quickly.

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Python server to log metrics posted from calibre plugins


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