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Quiz app with React & Redux.

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To Run

Run npm start in the project root and the app will be available on port 3000.


The app's state is totally normalized, with slices for topics, quizzes, and cards.


  • /new-topic – form to create a new topic
  • /topics – index of all topics
  • /topics/:topicId – page for an individual topic
  • /new-quiz – form to create a new quiz
  • /quizzes – index of all quizzes
  • /quizzes/:quizId – page for an individual quiz

To Test

  1. Create topics
  2. Create quizzes
  3. Visit the page for an individual quiz and flip the cards over


Is this appropriately scoped? Does it have too many features? Too few?

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Quiz app with React & Redux.


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