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DOMjudge packaging for (Linux) distributions and live image

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DOMjudge packaging repository

This repository contains packaging code for DOMjudge in various subdirectories. Below some information on these.

DOMjudge Debian packaging HOWTO

The Debian packaging is located under debian.

Make sure you have installed the meta-package packaging-dev and the DOMjudge build dependencies as specified in the admin manual.

Take a domjudge-x.y.z.tar.gz tarball and rename/symlink it to domjudge_x.y.z.orig.tar.gz.

Extract it. Copy in the debian directory into this directory and chdir to domjudge-x.y.z/.

Run from that position something like dch -v x.y.z-1 "New upstream release."

Run debuild.

If everything was in order you will now get a .dsc (source package) and several .deb's (binary package). If not, find out why and fix it.

Finally, if you're one of the DOMjudge maintainers, upload the package to the DOMjudge Debian repository:

  • copy the files to /srv/http/domjudge/debian/mini-dinstall/incoming/
  • run mini-dinstall -b (ensure you have a full tty available e.g ssh directly into the domjudge user)

DOMjudge-live image

Under live-image some packaging scripts are available to build a VM image to run DOMjudge from without installing it; this can for example be installed on a USB stick or run with Qemu, virtualbox or VMware. This image is based on Debian and the DOMjudge Debian packages.

See live-image/README for more details. Note that most of the process of generating a complete image is automated, but not completely.

DOMjudge Docker containers

Under docker you find the sources for the Docker containers on https://hub.docker.com/r/domjudge/. Under docker-contributor you find the sources for building a Docker container to do development on the DOMjudge sources from a git checkout. See the README.md files in those respective directories for more details.

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DOMjudge packaging for (Linux) distributions and live image


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