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KOOM is an OOM killer on mobile platform by Kwai.

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An OOM killer on mobile platform by Kwai.



KOOM creates a mobile high performance online memory monitoring solution,which supplies a detailed report when OOM related problems are detected, and has solved a large number of OOM issues in the Kwai application. It's currently available on Android.


High Performance

KOOM blocks the application less than 100ms by forking child process to dump hprof, it also has an efficient leak detect module and a fast hprof analysis module.

High Reliability

KOOM's performance and stability have withstood the test of hundreds of millions of number of users and devices.

Less Code

You just need to init KOOM, and it will take care of other things for you. Advanced custom config is also supported.

Getting started

First look of koom-demo

Try to run the koom-demo project first, and have a general understanding of the functionality provided by KOOM.

Gradle dependencies

dependencies {
    implementation 'com.kwai.koom:java-oom:1.0.7'

Quick Tutorial

You can setup KOOM as soon as you want to start memory monitoring, to setup on App startup, you can do like this:

public class KOOMApplication extends Application {

    public void onCreate() {


Java-oom Heap Report

Heap dump and analysis is executed automatically.

When the java heap is over the threshold by heap monitor, the heap dump and heap analysis is triggered then.

A java-oom heap report will be generated when heap analysis done.

Find a time to get the report manually.

public void getReportManually() {
    File reportDir = new File(KOOM.getInstance().getReportDir());
    for (File report : reportDir.listFiles()) {
        // Upload the report or do something else.

Or set a listener to listen and get the report file status.

public void listenReportGenerateStatus() {
    KOOM.getInstance().setHeapReportUploader(file -> {
        // Upload the report or do something else.
        // File is deleted automatically when callback is done by default.

JAVA8 Requirements

compileOptions {
        sourceCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8
        targetCompatibility JavaVersion.VERSION_1_8

Custom Feature

See wiki Advanced Custom Feature


See wiki Compatibility


See wiki FAQ


Randomly dump hprof of real users online, and the time consumed by normal dump and for dump blocking users is as follows:

For more detail, please refer to our benchmark.


KOOM is under the Apache license 2.0. For details check out the LICENSE.

Change Log

Check out the for details of change history.


If you are interested in contributing, check out the


Welcome report issues or contact us in WeChat group.


KOOM is an OOM killer on mobile platform by Kwai.



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