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Speedtest (a perl CLI)

The provided perl script is a command-line interface to the infrastructure so that flash is not required

It was written to feature the functionality that offers without the overhead of flash or java and the need of a browser.


The tool is there to give you a quick indication of the achievable throughput of your current network. That can drop dramatically if you are behind (several) firewalls or badly configured networks (or network parts like switches, hubs and routers).

It was inspired by the same project written in python: speedtest-cli, but I neither like python, nor did I like the default behjavior of that script. I also think it does not take the right decisions in choosing the server based on distance instead of speed. That does matter if one has fiber lines. I prefer speed over distance.


The script requires perl 5.10.0 or newer. It requires the following modules to be available (from CPAN or from CORE):

  • Data::Dumper CORE module since perl-5.005
  • Getopt::Long CORE module since perl-5
  • HTML::TreeBuilder
  • LWP::UserAgent
  • Math::Trig CORE module since perl-5.004
  • Time::HiRes CORE module since perl-5.7.3
  • XML::Simple
  • Data::Peek optional but recommended. does fallback to Data::Dumper if not available

The script runs on every system that runs perl. I tested on Linux, HP-UX, AIX and Windows 7.

Debian wheezy will run with just two additional packages:

apt-get install libxml-simple-perl libdata-peek-perl


See which states where and how you can contribute


  • Make an installer
  • Enable alternative XML parsers


Due to language implementation, it may report speeds that are not consistent with the speeds reported by the web interface or other speed-test tools. Likewise for reported latencies, which are not to be compared to those reported by tools like ping.

Share and enjoy

H.Merijn Brand (Tux)


Perl CLI for

License:Artistic License 2.0


Language:Perl 100.0%