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Recipes, snippets, and annotations for IBM WebSphere sMash

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Smashing App README

Smashing App ( is a website dedicated to experimenting
with IBM WebSphere sMash, a web application runtime focused on an agile
development environment that leverages Groovy and PHP scripting languages by
default and is optimized to quickly create RESTful Web services.

There are a lot of awesome concepts encapsulated in sMash. Smashing App
is an annotation of the WebSphere sMash technology through a collection of
thoughts, cookbook-style recipes, code snippets, and more.

WebSphere sMash itself is developed in the open at
There are community features such as blogging, forum discussions, bug tracking,
and source.

Content at is generated periodically from this source. If you
would like to contribute appropriate content, fork, edit, commit, and then send
me a pull request.
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Recipes, snippets, and annotations for IBM WebSphere sMash


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