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COVID-19 Hotspot & Service Mapper

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COVID-19 Hotspot & Service Mapper

We, the students of Kalyani Government Engineering College present before you our project - Suswastha, the all in one Corona Safety Assistance for one and all!

Suswastha is a web application that serves not only the civilians with assistance regarding to Corona but also to the police and other responsible authorities. Focussed on controlling community transfer, our project offers Live Map Tracking, an unfettered chat bot - Swastha Sahayak, availing its users to stay informed about nearby COVID-19 hotspots as well as to be able to inform the authorities regarding new cases in their locality that are unnoticed and require attention; availing the authorities to get information about these complaints by users and their exact location and much more!

The users of this application have the option to submit the problems they are facing like shortage of food, water sanitising equipments etcetera that requires the help from the government or of any higher authority.

Thus the main motive of this project is not only to help people stay more alert by having a very clear visual status of the areas they are in and interacting with the AI bot but also to benefit the authorities responsible for tackling and tracing new COVID-19 cases as the live visualization offered is something we have been missing on. Stay safe, stay home!


  • Map tracker
  • AI ChatBot
  • Login Features

Map Tracker

One of the main features of this project is its Map Tracker. Not only it does provide a live coverage of nearby COVID hotspots, but also provides information of the nearest medicine shops and hospital.

AI ChatBot

It is an AI based ChatBot that responds to texts regarding Corona and Latest Reports of Corona cited from reputed and official sources.

The primary features are enlisted below –

  1. Menu driven interface to provide – a. Information Regarding Corona Virus and its Symptoms b. What are the preventions, Dos and Don’ts? c. Important Helpline Numbers (Central and State Wise) d. Location and phone number of facilities that are providing urgent medical support such as isolation, quarantine, etc. e. Real-time Reports of Confirmed Cases (in figures) – Sourced from Ministry of Home and Family Welfare
  2. Supports English, Hindi and Bengali – Menu options can be changed language by entering the phrase “Change Language”
  3. Can answer to basic questions regarding Corona, its symptoms and preventions, etc.
  4. Additional References and provision to read or know more.
  5. Provides Data for every Indian State or Union Territory, as made available by Official Sources.
  6. Data are collected from WHO, MOHFW and Govt. of West Bengal sites only.

We are planning to implement additional features like:

  1. AI Based Symptom Checker based on contextual conversation.
  2. Information regarding Local Facilities that can be used to extend support during the lockdown such as Local Ambulances, Delivery Agents, etc. that are functional.

User Login & Admin Login

  • User login Avails user to submit his problems directly to responsible authorities. They may submit complaints, requirements of food, report new cases that went unnoticed by the police and goverbnment officials.

  • Admin Login Get live and quick updates of the cases. New inputs from users directly get into their logs. They get to know not only about user complaints and needs but also a very precise location info of where those queries and complaints came from.


COVID-19 Hotspot & Service Mapper