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The smart and efficient tool provided to the hospitals to maintain the logs of covid19 patients :hospital:

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Health Log

Health Log will help the hospitals to store there patient's log. It'd be very useful during this pandemic time of covid19. Hospital authority can store new patient and it will automatically assign the doctor to each patients. Then doctor can check the alotted patient and write the recent log of each patients in each visit which will help to manage the statstics of each pateints. Also, there is web version for this app that is available for the citizens of the city, here if any patient is admitted in a hospital, so that his family members can get the recent log of his member without visiting the hospital. Citizens can also register in website if they want a apointment for checkup. That patient's request is visible in the app.

📷 Screenshots

Login Page

Dashboard Page

Doctor Page

Hospital Page

Add Patient dialog

Patient Information dialog

Alotted Patients

Change Patient Log

Shift Patient

⭐ Features

  1. Hospital authorities can store patients' log. It'd be very useful during this pandemic time of covid19
  2. The best use of this app would be we can get the exact number of patients in the particular hospital. If all the hospitals in a particular city are using this app then we can get the total number of patients in the whole city easily and also it can we used over the country to get the total number of patients.
  3. It will auto-assign patients to each doctor. And the doctor can update the recent log in each visit.
  4. The hospital can decide whether they want to fix the appointments raised by a citizen on the website. Either they can add that patient to their hospital and appoint it to a particular doctor or they can refer it to another hospital.
  5. The hospital can also refer the patients to another hospital available if they don't have a proper place to accommodate patients or if they don't have proper medical facilities.
  6. The family members can check the recent log of there members admitted to the hospital through the website without going to the hospital.

❓ How it Works

  • Add Patient: Here, the hospitala authority can add new patient details.
  • Doctor: Whenever the new patient is added then it is alotted to a particular doctor. Doctor can enter their verification ID and then check each patients and write the recent log of each patient. The changes would be updated for each patient. For verification ID doctors have to enter their unique id provided by the authority.
  • Hospital: It will show the current status of that hospital for example the number of active, cured, confirmed and deceased cases. It will also show the request made by other people for appintment throught web app, with an action of adding him/her to our hospital or forward request to another.

📡 Technology Stack

  • Android Studio
  • Java Programming
  • Firestore SDK(Firebase cloud database)
  • Android SDK

🔧 How to build Health Log

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Launch Android Studio
  3. Select Open an existing Android Studio project option in Android Studio
  4. Select the project folder
  5. Select Menu, then Run -> Run 'app'
  6. It will ask for a hospital ID Write -> H1_Sir_Sunderlal_Hospital for testing the app


The smart and efficient tool provided to the hospitals to maintain the logs of covid19 patients :hospital:


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