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Collect some book about distributed storage system

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Collect some books and papers about distributed sysntem

LSM 优化汇总

1. HashKV.pdf
2. Compaction management in dis-tributed key-value datastores.pdf
3. Dostoevsky.pdf
4. LSM-trie.pdf
5. NoFTL-KV.pdf
6. WB-tree.pdf
7. Accordion.pdf
8. Thonangi and Yang.pdf
9. FD-tree.pdf
10. ElasticBF.pdf
11. LSbM-tree.pdf
12. VT-tree.pdf
13. TRIAD.pdf
14. SlimDB.pdf
15. LHAM.pdf
16. Wisckey.pdf
17. MatrixKV.pdf
18. MaSM.pdf
19. cLSM-tree.pdf
20. FD+-tree.pdf
21. Lim et al.pdf

Distributed Storage

1. Design of Global Data Deduplication for A Scale-out Distributed Storage System.pdf
2. WAS.pdf
3. Ceph.pdf
4. Performance Optimization for All Flash Scale-out Storage.pdf
5. haystack.pdf
6. osdi14-paper-muralidhar.pdf

Distributed DB

1. FoundationDB.pdf
2. TiDB- A Raft-based HTAP Database.pdf
3. Distributed DB/MyRocks-LSM-Tree-Database-Storage-Engine-Serving-Facebooks-Social-Graph.pdf
4. Google Spanner
5. Google F1

MIT 6_824 learning paper

1. High-throughput chain replication for read-mostly workloads.pdf
2. gfs-sosp2003.pdf
3. vm-ft.pdf
4. zookeeper.pdf
5. craq.pdf
6. gfs.pdf
7. raft.pdf

LSM read 优化

1. Range Query Filtering.pdf
2. FAST '21 - REMIX: Efficient Range Query for LSM-trees

LSM compaction 优化/

1. PebblesDB- Building Key-Value Stores using Fragmented Log-Structured Merge Trees.pdf
2. Dostoevsky- Better Space-Time Trade-Offs for LSM-Tree Based Key-Value Stores via Adaptive Removal of Superfluous Merging.pdf
3. Compaction management in distributed key-value datastores.pdf
4. AC-Key- Adaptive Caching for LSM-based Key-Value Stores.pdf
5. MatrixKV- Reducing Write Stalls and Write Amplification in LSM-tree Based KV Stores with a Matrix Container in NVM.pdf
6. SILK- Preventing Latency Spikes in Log-Structured Merge Key-Value Stores.pdf
7. write_behind_log.pdf
8. bLSM-A general purpose log structured merge tree.pdf
9. Auto-tuning RocksDB.pdf
10. Optimizing Space Amplification in RocksDB.pdf
11. dCompaction_ Speeding up Compaction of the LSM-Tree via Delayed Compaction.pdf
12. SpanDB: A Fast, Cost-Effective LSM-tree Based KV Store on Hybrid Storage.pdf
13. FPGA-Accelerated Compactions for LSM-based Key-Value Store.pdf

Distributed Trasaction






LSM delete 优化

Lethe-A Tunable Delete-Aware LSM Engine .pdf


1. 【VLDB21】skiplist-on-pmem.pdf"
2. Open-Channel SSD on LSM.pdf
3. Performance Analysis of NVMe SSDs and their Implication on Real World Databases.pdf
4. NVMProgrammingModel_v1.2.pdf
5. IntelOptaneMemoryEvalGuide.pdf
6. CPU-pipeline.pdf
7. numa overview.pdf
8. Linux Support for NUMA Hardware

Engine Structure

1. LSM-based Storage Techniques- A Survey.pdf
2. lsmtree.pdf
3. B tree.pdf




Collect some book about distributed storage system


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