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esphome config

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esphome config default

substitutions: var_name: '%NAME%' var_friendly_name: 'pmt living room fan light 2' var_manual_ip: var_manual_gateway: var_manual_subnet:

reboot_timeout: 1h update_interval: 1min

var_ap_ssid: '${var_name}_ap ' var_ap_password: 'gr3yskull' var_ssid: 'PonzNet' var_password: 'gr3yskull'

var_mqtt_broker: var_mqtt_username: nutznbuttz var_mqtt_password: 2PNutWL0v3 var_mqtt_port: '1883'

esphome: name: $var_name platform: ESP8266 board: esp01_1m

WiFi + network settings

wifi: ssid: ${var_ssid} password: ${var_password} fast_connect: true reboot_timeout: ${reboot_timeout} manual_ip: static_ip: ${var_manual_ip} gateway: ${var_manual_gateway} subnet: ${var_manual_subnet} dns1: ${var_manual_gateway} dns2: ap: ssid: '${var_name}' password: '${var_ap_password}' # Leave '' for no password.

mqtt: broker: $var_mqtt_broker port: $var_mqtt_port username: $var_mqtt_username password: $var_mqtt_password on_message:

  • topic: theparamount/default/patio/config then:
    • logger.log: MQTT is connected!

captive portal for access point mode


enabling home assistant legacy api


uncomment below if needed

password: 'your secret api password'

enabling over the air updates


uncomment below if needed

password: 'your secret ota password'

synchronizing time with home assistant


  • platform: homeassistant id: homeassistant_time


logger: level: DEBUG

Disable logging to serial

baud_rate: 0

sm16716: data_pin: GPIO12 clock_pin: GPIO14 num_channels: 3 num_chips: 1


  • id: rgb_power pin: GPIO13


  • platform: sm16716 id: output_red channel: 2 power_supply: rgb_power
  • platform: sm16716 id: output_green channel: 1 power_supply: rgb_power
  • platform: sm16716 id: output_blue channel: 0 power_supply: rgb_power
  • platform: esp8266_pwm id: output_cold_white pin: GPIO5
  • platform: esp8266_pwm id: output_warm_white pin: GPIO4


  • platform: rgbww name: $var_name #Change to match id: $var_name #Change to match red: output_red green: output_green blue: output_blue cold_white: output_cold_white warm_white: output_warm_white cold_white_color_temperature: 6500 K warm_white_color_temperature: 2700 K


    • random:
    • random: name: 'random slow' update_interval: 30s transition_length: 7.5s

    Attempt to restore state and default to ON if the physical switch is actuated.

    restore_mode: RESTORE_DEFAULT_ON


esphome config