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What are we doing?

  • We are publishing the lab instructions and lab files on GitHub to allow for interaction between the course authors and MCTs. We hope this will help keep the content current as the Azure platform changes.

  • There is a GitHub repository for the AZ-300, Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies , and AZ-301, Microsoft Azure Architect Design, courses.

  • Within each repository there are lab guides in PDF format. If appropriate, there are accompanying zipped files with any additional files that are needed to complete the lab. Not every course has a zipped file.

  • For each delivery, trainers should download the latest files from GitHub. Trainers should also check the Issues tab to see if other MCTs have reported any errors.

  • Lab timing estimates are provided but trainers should check to ensure this is accurate based on the audience.

  • The lab content has been placed at the end of each course for consistency and convenience. However, as the instructor, you are the best judge to determine when the lab should be offered.

  • To conduct you will need an internet connection and an Azure subscription. Please read the Instructor Prep Guide for more information.

  • It is recommended that you provide these materials directly to your students rather than point them to the GitHub repository.

How are we doing?

  • If as you are teaching these courses, you identify areas for improvement, please use the Issues tab to provide feedback. We will periodically create new files to incorporate the changes.

We hope using this GitHub repository brings a sense of collaboration to the labs and improves the overall quality of the lab experience.

Regards, Azure Architect Courseware Team


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