QuickLook plugin to visualize .car files (compiled Asset Catalogs)

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QuickLook plugin to visualize .car files (compiled Asset Catalogs)

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The QLCARFiles QuickLook plugin lets you visualize the content of a car file. It extracts the assets using the CoreUI.framework, generates a webpage with all the images, and displays this webpage in the QuickLook window. The use of a webpage has several advantages, one of them being the possibility to render multiple images in a scrolling view.


  • Display images and their dimensions and file sizes
  • Support for png, pdf, gif, svg, video, ...
  • Display named colors and their hex values
  • Support for Light and Dark mode
  • Generate the previews as HTML data to allow scrolling
  • Display the total number of assets in the window's title
  • Add a light gray background to images that are too white or transparent
  • For thumbnails, render the best asset as icon and the number of assets
  • The command line tool has a -r option to dump all the car files found in a folder

Known limitations

  • No support for special car files used by pro applications like Final Cut Pro.
  • Assets of the following type are not supported: CUINamedExternalLink, CUINamedTexture, CUINamedModel, CUINamedRecognitionImage, CUINamedRecognitionGroup, CUINamedRecognitionObject, CUINamedVectorImage, CUINamedMultisizeImage, CUINamedLayerImage. So far I never encountered these types of renditions.


QuickLook plugin to visualize .car files (compiled Asset Catalogs)

License:MIT License


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