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AppLovin MAX SDK


MAX is AppLovin's in-app monetization solution.

Move beyond the traditional monetization solution and integrate MAX. MAX is a single unbiased auction where advertisers get equal access to all ad inventory and bid simultaneously, which drives more competition and higher CPMs for you. You can read more about it here.

Please check out our documentation to get started on integrating and enabling mediated networks using our guides.

Demo Apps

To get started with the demo apps, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open a Terminal window in the directory of the desired project: DemoApp-ObjC or DemoApp-Swift.
  2. Install the latest SDK with CocoaPods using pod install.
  3. Open the newly generated Xcode workspace file using YOUR_PROJECT_NAME.xcworkspace.
  4. Update the AppLovinSdkKey value in the Info.plist file with the Applovin SDK key associated with your account.
  5. Update the bundle identifier with your own unique identifier associated with the application you will create (or already created, if it is an existing app) in the MAX dashboard.
  6. Update the unique MAX ad unit id value within the view controller code. Each ad format will correspond to a unique MAX ad unit ID you created in the Applovin dashboard for the bundle id used before.

Error Codes

Code Description
-1 Indicates an unspecified error with one of the mediated network SDKs.
204 Indicates that no ads are currently eligible for your device.
-1001 Indicates that the ad request timed out (usually due to poor connectivity).
-1009 Indicates that the device is not connected to the internet (e.g. airplane mode).
-5001 Indicates that the ad failed to load due to various reasons (such as no networks being able to fill).
-5201 Indicates an internal state error with the AppLovin MAX SDK.


We recommend using GitHub to file issues. For feature requests, improvements, questions or any other integration issues using MAX Mediation by AppLovin, contact us via our support page



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