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My talon config


Basic alphabet

air bat cap drum each fine gust harp sit jury crunch look made near odd pit quench red sun trap urge vest whale plex yank zip

I prefer these over the default letters:

  • door/dip - d
  • far - f
  • hope - h
  • ice - i
  • king - k
  • oy/oil - o
  • tea - t
  • box - x

Key overrides

  • enter - use / apply
  • escape - scape
  • backspace - junk
  • shift - sky / ship
  • command - kemmed
  • home - pop
  • end - push
  • undo - ups

Skipping, selecting, deleting whole words

<num> before / <num> after

Jumps over <num> words to the left or right (cursor can be in the middle of the word before jumping)

<num> befores / <num> afters

Selects <num> words to the left or to the right

delete <num> befores / delete <num> afters

Deletes <num> words to the left or to the right


Selects last insertion


<any command> <num> ok

go down 5 ok? - I love saying that with an implied question mark

wink [num]

repeats the last command [num] or 1 times

again [num] / back [num]

Special commands that hook up to other commands as forward/backward actions or as "extend action". The direct repeaters like wink are great, but you lose them every time you say any command other than the one you want to repeat.

Again/back are attached to commands that are commonly repeated, for example, search forward (cmd-g) after search (cmd-f).

The inspiration for this feature came from anonfunc/talon-user extension logic.

Examples of how again/back works

  • after search (cmd-f) the again/back commands are cmd-g and cmd-shift-g (search forwards or backwards)
  • after 2 befores (having 2 words selected), again 2 results in 4 words selected, back results in 1 words selected
  • after next tab command, the again is ctrl-tab and back is ctrl-shift-tab


The last repeatable command is shown in the bottom of the phrase history along with the shortcuts that will be performed for again/back.

Picking a previous command

If you're lazy like me, you don't want to say long commands over and over, all latest repeatable commands are stored and can be re-sent by saying re-run and picking the right command from the picker that pops up.

Named clipboard

copy <word> - copies selection indexed by <word>

(free | paste) <word> - paste clipping stored under <word>

show clips - show what's saved in the named clipboard


Smart parameterized macro

macro start - to start recording a new macro sequence. The macro sequence will be shown as it is recorded. It will keep showing in the phrase history as long as you're using it.

macro stop - to stop recording


The script in now supports a number argument. You can record a macro with a number in it, like a complex vim command - ys1aw] (surround around 1 word[s] with square brackets)

macro play / replay - will play the macro as recorded

replay 5 - will play the key sequence with 5 instead of 1 - ys5aw]

replay 1 1 - will play the key sequence with 11 instead of 1 - ys11aw]


Most of the code in this repo was scavenged from or inspired by other members of the talon community:





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My config for talon


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