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My Hammerspoon config with some custom Spoons

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Hammerspoon config

Official spoons

ClipboardTool, ColorPicker, PasswordGenerator, ReloadConfiguration and SpoonInstall

Custom or customized spoons


Shows a list of Unicode Symbols and Dingbats, copies to pasteboard on select.

WinWin (customized)

Adds a method, smartStepResize, that resizes the focused window "smartly" by one step.

By smartly, we mean:

  • If window gravitates to the left, right and left expands and shrinks the window on the right border (see illustration).
  • If window is more to the right, it resizes on the left border.
  • The same principal applies to up and down.
  • When a window is full width or full height, it will shrink/expand in the 'direction' direction.
 |   +-------------------+             |
 |   |              |    |             |
 |   |              |  < | >           |
 |   |         /\   |    |             |
 |   +-------------------+             |
 |             \/   |                  |

HttpStatus (from gist)

Shows a list of http statuses. Opens the relevant status description at on select.

Adapted from:


$ cd ~
$ git clone .hammerspoon
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My Hammerspoon config with some custom Spoons


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